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Sermons and meditations I have given in church or at fellowship groups.
The text of a book I have written on the Beatitudes.
My Narnia-type fantasy novel for children of all ages.
Studies of some of the Greek and Hebrew words used in the Bible
The home page of our local parish church.
Manners and customs of Bible times.
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A rag-bag of bits and pieces that do not fit in anywhere else.
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Bible and Translation Links

The groupings below contain all known sites (including mirror sites) at which a particular version of the Bible can be found, along with an indication of whether the site contains text, a downloadable file or a search facility.

21st Century King James Version

American Standard Version 1901 (ASV)

American Standard Version 1997 (See World English Bible)


Authorized / King James Version of 1611 (KJV)

Multi-choice Search facilities

Bible in Albanian

Bible in Arabic

Bible in Basic English (BBE) — Ogden

Bible in Cebuano

Bible in Chinese

Bible in Czech

Bible in Danish

Bible in Dutch

Bible in Equadorian Shuar

  • Shuar — Download site.

Bible in Esperanto

Bible in Farsi (Persian/Iranian)(Gospels etc)

  • Farsi — Partial text.

Bible in Filipino

Bible in Finnish

Bible in French

Bible in Gaelic

Bible in German

Bible in Greek, Ancient

Bible in Hebrew (Old Testament only)

Bible in Hungarian

Bible in Indonesian

Bible in Italian

Bible in Japanese (New Testament only)

Bible in Korean

Bible in Latin

Bible in Maori

Bible in Norwegian

Bible in Old English

Bible in Pig Latin

Bible in Polish (New Testament only)

Bible in Portugese

Bible in Romanian

Bible in Russian

Bible in Spanish

Bible in Swahili

Bible in Swedish

Bible in Tagalog

Bible in Turkish

  • Turkish — Text of New Testament.
  • Turkish — Text of New Testament.
  • Turkish — Download of New Testament.

Bible in Ukranian

Bible in Viet Namese

Darby Translation 1890


Green's Literal Translation

Green's Modern King James Version

Hebrew Names Version (HNV)

International Standard Version

Jewish Publication Society's Old Testament 1917

Living Oracles New Testament

Modern Literal Version (MLV)

NET (New English Translation) Bible

New American Standard Bible (NASB)

New American Standard Version (NASV)

New English Bible

New English Translation (NET)

New International Version 1973, 1978 (NIV)

New King James Version

New Living Translation

New Revised Standard Version 1989 (NRSV)

Revised Standard Version 1946, 1952 (RSV)

Revised Webster's Translation 1995 (RWEB)

Septuaguint (see Bible in Greek)

Third Millennium Bible

Today's English Version (TEV)

Webster's Translation 1833 (WEB)

Wesley's New Testament

Weymouth New Testament 1912 (WNT)

World English Bible (WEB)

World Wide Study Bible

Young's Literal Translation 1898 (YLT)

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